It contains free access to full text peer-reviewed articles on these subjects
A discussion list is also available with over 600 subscribers to the list, ranging from molecular biologists to public health workers, from many countries both inside and outside endemic regions " Leishmania disease development depends on the presence of apoptotic promastigotes in the virulent inoculum", PNAS, Sept

اللشمانيا.. أكثر الأمراض الجلدية انتشارا

The International Leishmania Network has basic information on the disease and links to many aspects of the disease and its vector.

تعرف على مرض اللشمانيا
The site contains many articles relating to the unique kinetoplastid organelle and genetic material therein
علاج مرض اللشمانيا الجلدية
Comments and questions are welcomed
داء اللشمانيات: طرق العدوى والعلاج والوقاية
, is a website devoted to leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness and American trypanosomiasis

ماهو مرض اللشمانيا ؟


المفرق : تعثر على حشرة ناقله لمرض اللشمانيا في منطقة ام السرب
ما هو مرض اللشمانيا؟
ما هو مرض اللشمانيا