The kitchen is important so I want it to be very big and far from the living room my dream house should have a nice garden
Many of the good moments with our mother can be described as happiness the house is not huge but it is very neat

موضوع عن المنزل بالانجليزي

I like, in the future to have a house that has many great rooms.

وصف منزل بالانجليزية
Celebrate the feeling of being home with these words of wisdom that capture that inner peace we all feel at our favorite place
اجزاء المنزل بالانجليزي
we have a small garden in our house and we like it
تعبير عن المنزل بالانجليزي قصير
Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable
Summer has come and most of the expatriates have returned to the homeland, and the homes of grandparents are filled with children and grandchildren, and eagerness has returned to hearts that thirst for unlimited passion and the hearts of grandparents thirsting for true innocence Upon entering the living room, we discover the living room and next to the hall leading to a low level room called the cellar which is our playground, the simple kitchen, the blue toilets and finally, staircase leading to the first floor with a wooden ramp and marble steps like all the floors
my dream house should have a nice garden And that the house is surrounded by a garden with fruit trees

تعبير عن وصف بيت بالانجليزي


تعبير عن وصف بيت بالانجليزي
yesterday i attended my friend birthday, and i have a great time with him and other friend who were there too
وصف منزل بالأنجليزي ساعدوننننننننننني
We stay in a large apartment for rent
تعبير عن بيت جدي بالانجليزي
Who among us did not mess around in the closet of his aunt and maternal aunt to put on her clothes and try and smear his face with the brands of makeup in her drawer