let me say that I respect allmost every word you write This file has been downloaded 1 times already
But there is more to the Assad regime than meets the eye, and digging the practices of its government can tell a different story than the narrative of a protagonist of secularism in the region All these facts might seem silly in the face of the threats like ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Sham , Al-Nusra front and Sharia courts dominating the regions under rebel control

سوريا البلد الذي حكمه وحوش على هيئة بشر.. إستعانوا بمليشيات إرهابية فاجرة تمعن في قتل و تعذيب أهله 4

The first shocking truth is the third article of the most current Syrian constitution, which limits the state presidency to Muslims and declares Islamic Jurisprudence as the main source for legislation in Syria.

كتب Military and political developments
The will be unavoidable chaos when the regime is dumped by its allies, if this take them to a deeper trouble than there is already, and this is not an unlikely situation
كتب Military and political developments
i just wish that there were more writters like you who would help make a change and give us a chance to fight off the ignorance and retardation that was imposed upon us from oil diggers
عرض المشاركات
This statement puts the Syrian national coalition in a difficult position
It is a mad world! The more moderate military council, with its leadership isolated in Turkey, lost its last chance to draw the volunteers and military defectors given its lack of funding and presence on the ground Hence, all what mattered to the community is the liberty to worship, and to maintain their status-quo in Syria as an always endangered community instead of enforcing their role and opening the doors for them to practice politics
, wht's egypt's picture now in the eyes of ur readers is very VERY dull! that was just a notice and i wud have died if i didnt send u this remark:D and anyways e7'telaf el ra2yy la yofsed lel wed kadeya

بدء القبول في سلاح الإشارة برتبة جندي أول لحملة الثانوية العامة


قائد مدينة الملك خالد العسكرية, مدينة الملك خالد العسكرية هي أكبر مدينة عسكرية
It denounces the legitimacy of any opposition group that is not based inside Syria whether political or military and it rejects the political representation of the Syrian National Coalition and its exile government as they do not call for the application of Sharia and do not have presence on the ground
سوريا البلد الذي حكمه وحوش على هيئة بشر.. إستعانوا بمليشيات إرهابية فاجرة تمعن في قتل و تعذيب أهله 4
The options will always be to either reinforce a select group of opposition candidates, who are in line with the aspirations of a democratic Syria, free of Islamist extremists, and compliant with the international community standards, or, stand idle by a pseudo-secular dysfunctional regime that promotes discrimination, tyranny and will lead to other revolutions in its future, if it survived this one
Wassalamo alaikum Kamal Eldin PS I am sending this short message to thank you for your brave ideas and the style you write with
I found the online Journal less than i month ago, and ever since i have been reading it regularly Wael just to introduce myself ; i m Mennatallah , a student in pharmacy cairo Univ


I like that you work with graphics too! Finally, a ban on Muslim individuals from writing a will that violates Sharia law.

سوريا البلد الذي حكمه وحوش على هيئة بشر.. إستعانوا بمليشيات إرهابية فاجرة تمعن في قتل و تعذيب أهله 4
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قبائل مأرب تصفع الحوثي مجددا: سنهزم مشروع إيران
Maybe the international community would approve an attack on the extremist factors and Assad would be then an easy target for a well supported, well funded moderate opposition in control of a loyal military council
قبائل مأرب تصفع الحوثي مجددا: سنهزم مشروع إيران
all we want to is be left in peace to build was was torn down, and to heal our community from the social, and intellectual diseases imported, and that has nothing to do with our culture asegyptians muslims and christians