Adriknee, reach me, ya Rasul Allah! It is mentioned that whoever recites this salawat once every Friday, upon his death Prophet will go with him to his burial and bury him with his own blessed hands! And if a calamity, distress or danger manifests usually the Sufis and the Ahlu khayr the people of goodness ,gather together and read it 4,444 times after which they do tawwasul through the Prophet saws and by Allah's Will, safety will come May Allah reward Muhammad the reward which is benefiting as he deserves
Bestow Your Blessings, Peace and Grace upon our Master, Muhammad, and upon His Family according to the Perfection of Allah and as befits his perfection! I looked at the moon and saw the Prophet's honorable face, and I spoke with him O Allah,bless and salute the Essence of Truth from which are manifested the thrones of realities; the Essence of the Most Righteous Knowledge, Your Complete and Most Straight Path

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O Allah exalt and greet and bless our master Muhammad the Unlettered Prophet, the Beloved of Highest Value, Possessing Immense Status and on his family and companions and send them peace.

اللهم صّلِ وسَلّمْ عَلۓِ نَبِيْنَامُحَمد ﷺ : الحمد لله
" Inshaa-Allah whoever recites this salawat a thousand times on Jumu'ah, Allah will grant them to see His Manifestations or His Prophet or your place in Paradise
اللهم صل وسلم على سيدنا محمد في الاولين
Grant salawat on the Prophet without end on the number of perfection with which You dressed him! Exalt Muhammad with blessings that deliver us from every fear, and by means of them fulfill our every need, and purify us by means of them from every sin, and by means of them raise us to the highest stations, and by means of them make us attain the furthest degrees in all that is good in this life and in the life after death
اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد صلاة تنحل بها العقد
Exalt our master Muhammad, whose light preceded all Creation, whose appearance is mercy to all the worlds, on the number of Your Creations which have passed before and the number of those which remain, those who are fortunate and those who are not, with blessings which exceed all count and which encompass all limits, blessings with no limits, no boundaries, ceaseless, blessings which are eternal, enduring as You endure
It used very much in Morocco Reciting this salawaat will take away all the rust from our hearts and give provision for the soul
Whoever likes to see the Prophet , let him recite this 71 times and you will see the Prophet and smell his Holy Fragrance! I can't find my way out of this most terrible situation, get me out! May God, the Blessed and Most High, be pleased with every one of our Masters, the Companions of the Emissary of God, and with those who followed them in excellence, and with the early masters of juristic reasoning, and with the pious scholars, and the righteous saints and with our Shaykhs in the exalted Naqshbandi Order Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the worlds, al-Fatihah

اجمل صلاة على النبي

Bless and grant peace to him and them, many times, endlessly.

اجمل صلاة على النبي
He then mentions the Dhaat al-Mutalsam, that essence that is covered and which no one can open, and al-Ghayb al-Mutamtam, the unseen ghayb that no one can reach or discuss
اجمل صلاة على النبي
and His blessings be upon him and upon them
اللهم صّلِ وسَلّمْ عَلۓِ نَبِيْنَامُحَمد ﷺ : الحمد لله
" Blessings of Allah Almighty, of His Angels, of His Prophets, of His Messengers, and all Creation be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad; may the Peace and Mercy of Allah Almighty and His Blessings be upon upon him and upon them
Send blessings and peace upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad " Upon the Noblest of all Creation, our Master Muhammad, blessings
O Allah, send benediction upon and salute on the Essence of Divine Mercy, the Accomplished Ruby encompassing the center of comprehensions and meanings, the Light of all created universes, the Adamic who possesses Lordly Truth; the all-filling Lightning in the rain-clouds of gains that fill all the intervening seas and receptacles; Your Bright Light with which You have filled Your creation and which surrounds all possible places Upon the most Preferred of all Creation, our Master Muhammad, blessings

اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله عدد كمال الله وكما يليق بكماله

Bestow Your Mercy and Blessings upon Muhammad whenever he is remembered, and bestow Your Mercy and Blessings upon Muhammad whenever he is not remembered.

Salawat on Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam
Shower Your Blessings on the soul of Muhammad amongst all souls, and on the body of Muhammad amongst all bodies, and on the grave of Muhammad amongst all graves
#اللهم_اني_اعوذ_بك_من_عذاب_القبر_ومن_عذاب_جهنم_ومن_فتنة_المحيا_والممات_ومن_فنتة_المسيح_الدجال Instagram Tag, view posts, story, photos and videos
اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا محمد
May Allah bless the Prophet and his household, a prayer which brings us to knowledge of him