Will the application of updating National Address become compulsory while conducting any service or only when setting up services numbers? The app is not only for mobility permission during the lockdown period, it is for your own protection Choose the Registration of Individuals• A summary of the uploaded data, relevant to the service, to be appeared and confirmed on the screen, Before sending the request
It is compulsory to have a National Address in Saudi Arabia for Banks and Governmental Services Cancellation of the application: It cannot be cancelled after submission

How to Check National Address Online by Iqama Number

The Medical Devices Interim Regulation Introduction Saudi Food and Drug Authority SFDA was established under the Council of Ministers resolution no.

Procedure to get National Address Print in Saudi Arabia
The National Address is a standard address created by the Saudi Post and is internationally approved
How to Register National Address in Saudi Arabia
Application period: during the work permit period or during a student transfer period
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In returning to the residence, the medical establishment shall grant another permit for the patient's return and, if any, escort to the place of residence
Choose your residence location from the provided map or manually enter Region, City, District and Building Number• sa Each individual authorized to leave, whatever the type of permit, must comply with the permit controls granted to him and have a device that works and has enough battery to operate the duration of the exit from the house and internet connection the use of the internet application is free and does not consume the data balance and the GPS location service is activated, as well as the availability of the application to us with an active personal account, so that it is ready to be highlighted to the responsible authorities when necessary to verify the validity of the permit and the need to comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior Authorized representatives, manufacturers, importers, distributors and users are expected to inform the SFDA about any device recalls or adverse events of which they are aware
Note: The controls are adjustable according to the competent authorities The National Address project is considered as one of the most important strategic initiatives executed for the first time in the Gulf and Arab world


Kindly visit the official website of National Address When will the application for entering national post data be available through stc channels? Print registration certificate — Click on Print Details.

National Address
In the absence of a ban on the ministry of health, the reasons for the refusal are as follows:• Cancel the order: It cannot be cancelled after the request
Steps to Register National Address Registration
An emergency medical permit is an emergency that requires urgent arrival at a medical facility during a curfew and is requested by the patient or his companion through the application, but a medical appointment permit is for an emergency case requiring attendance at the medical facility during the curfew and is requested by the medical establishment and will appear to the patient through the application
Registration of National Address
The new window tab opens