Record all data related to fiscal year, capital, facility address and contact information Select [My Commercial Registrations] and then select [Issue Commercial Registry]
Click on the Renew Commercial Registration option• For more information about the SADAD service, click Click on the options in front of the C

خطوات شطب سجل تجاري من وزارة التجارة

Choose the activity level First, Second or Third.

رسوم السجل التجاري…شروط استخراج سجل تجاري
Period from one to five Years• Click on the My Commercial Registration C
طباعة السجل التجاري 2022
Enter your username and password
رسوم الغاء السجل التجاري الكترونيا وطريقة الإلغاء
Confirm the request and select [send]
Should be older than 18 years old The commercial registration period between one to five years
An e-service provided by the Ministry of Commerce, which enables beneficiaries to request and approve the issuance of a commercial registry and acquire a membership number in the Chamber of Commerce, without having to visit the branches of the Ministry

رسوم السجل التجاري…شروط استخراج سجل تجاري

without having to attend the Ministrys branches.

طباعة سجل تجاري مشطوب
Should not be a government employee
طباعة سجل تجاري مشطوب
خطوات شطب سجل تجاري من وزارة التجارة