Rutgers: Rutgers University Press While the first generation of digital projectors were unable to generate enough pixels to match the image quality of the best traditional "star ball" projectors, high-end systems now offer a resolution that approaches the limit of human
Since traditional planetarium shows consisted mainly of small points of light i Often, one such ball is attached at its south pole

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But care must be taken that the projection fields of the two balls match where they meet or overlap.

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This was displayed at the Deutsches Museum in 1924, construction work having been interrupted by the war
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Additional projectors can be added to show twilight around the outside of the screen complete with city or country scenes as well as the
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These devices most probably sacrificed astronomical accuracy for crowd-pleasing spectacle and sensational and awe-provoking imagery
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Retrieved 21 February 2018 The West German firm resumed making large planetaria in 1954, and the East German firm started making small planetaria a few years later


For especially visual or people, this experience can be more educationally beneficial than other demonstrations.

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This presents mechanical problems including: The planet lights must be powered by wires, which have to bend about as the planets rotate, and repeatedly bending copper wire tends to cause wire breakage through
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Planet projectors must have gearing to move their positioning and thereby simulate the planets' movements
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Planets were not mechanized, but could be shifted by hand Each planet is projected by a sharply focused that makes a spot of light on the dome
A great boost to the popularity of the planetarium worldwide was provided by the of the 1950s and 60s when fears that the United States might miss out on the opportunities of the new frontier in space stimulated a massive program to install over 1,200 planetaria in U The term planetarium is sometimes used generically to describe other devices which illustrate the solar system, such as a computer simulation or an

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Here all the planet lights are on mounts which rotate only about the central axis, and are aimed by a.

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Ohira is known for building portable planetaria used at exhibitions and events such as the
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A Goto E-5 projector
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