Disclaimer: Please be advised that TradeZero DOES NOT accept accounts from the United States, Bahamian Citizens, Canada, or persons domiciled in those jurisdictions All levered accounts cannot hold more than 2 to 1 leverage going into the 4 PM EST close
Platform is FREE after 80,000 shares instead of 100,000 TradeZero reserves the right, at its discretion, to sell or cover any account that has exceeded this threshold, by 4PM EST

فقدان من محطات التعبئة في بغداد

Platform is FREE after 70,000 shares instead of 80,000.

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Any accounts not coded for Balmohsin discount will not be changed
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Welcome Balmohsin follower, new Balmohsin referrals receive the following additional benefits at TradeZero:• Balmohsin clients also get 2 months FREE upon selecting ZeroPro as their first software selection! This offer applies ONLY to new TradeZero accounts that first come to TradeZero as a result of being referred from Balmohsin
فقدان من محطات التعبئة في بغداد
platform with no monthly cost and no trade minimums
Mobile App is FREE with subscription to any platform

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فقدان من محطات التعبئة في بغداد
Balmohsin TradeZero Affiliate