Life and career [ ] Dany Chamoun Foundation [ ] Through the Dany Chamoun Foundation, Tracy Chamoun has sought to perpetuate the legacy of her father, who, on 21 October 1990, was assassinated together with his second wife and two children
Los Angeles Times, 25 June 1995 In it, she recounts the harrowing experience in which she and her mother were kidnapped in 1980 during a on the headquarters by militiamen under the command of , her father's former ally

ترايسي شمعون: مشاركة باسيل في التفاصيل على الرغم من تكليفه للامين العام لحزب الله بالمهمة يخرج عن المنطق

Political views [ ] Chamoun is known for her moderate political views.

ترايسي شمعون: اسمٌ واحد يعرقل ويؤخّر ويساوم
Syrian occupation [ ] Chamoun was an outspoken critic of the former Syrian occupation of Lebanon
ترايسي شمعون
She was the Lebanese ambassador to from August 2017 until 7 August 2020 when she resigned after the , saying the catastrophe showed the need for a change in leadership
لترايسي شمعون: توقفي عن المتاجرة بدماء الشهيد داني وعائلته لانه لن يسامحك في عليائه
"Warlord gets life, but plans his vacation" Robert Fisk, The Independent, 25 June 1995
She was appointed as ambassador of Lebanon to on 19 June 2017 She favors the building of a modern democracy, and has spoken out against what she sees as the feudal political system in which clan loyalties often play a more significant role than ideology in politics
Publicly, however, she has defended her uncle, and has refused to enter into discussions with those critical of him Her autobiography, Au Nom du Pere, centered on her relationship with her father and his life and work

ترايسي شمعون: استحوا بقا!

She is critical of her uncle, , head of the , for his alliance with , the man convicted of killing her family.

ترايسي شمعون: السلطة الحاكمة لا تملك إرادة تشكيل الحكومة
Eleven associates are also sentenced
ترايسي شمعون: بأيّ صفة يتعاطى باسيل مع ملف ترسيم الحدود؟
She became the first woman to found a political party in the Arab world, called "The Liberal Democrats Party of Lebanon"
ترايسي شمعون: الطبقة السياسية تكتفي بالسجالات والدفاع عن الصلاحيات
Before the Independence Day celebrations in 1990 she asked rhetorically: To what extent does the establishment believe that the population is so blind that it cannot see that the nation is far from independent? Like the myth of the emperor with no clothes, it is a charade that only the sycophants see and celebrate