Meaning the dreadful, horrifying, overwhelming information Verily, in these things there are Ayat for the people who understand
And We have made the night as a covering, 11 '' Ibn Zayd said, "Abundant

سورة النبأ ( الله القادر ) الآيات من 1

中国语文 - Ma Jian : 主以黑夜为你们的衣服,以睡眠供你们安息,以白昼供你们苏醒。 meaning, the radiant sun that gives light to all of the world.

وجعلنا الليل لباساً. وجعلنا النهار معاشاً
He brings this as a proof of His ability to do whatever He wishes concerning the matter of the Hereafter and other matters as well
(( وجعلنا الليل سباتا وجعلنا النهار معاشا ))
meaning, male and female, both of them enjoying each other, and by this means procreation is achieved
Nay, again, they will come to know! Have We not made the earth as a bed, 7
This arrangement that has been made precisely in accordance with your needs by itself testifies that it could not be possible without the wisdom of a Wise Being
Swahili - Al-Barwani : Naye ndiye aliye kufanyieni usiku kuwa ni vazi na usingizi kuwa mapumziko na akakufanyieni mchana ni kufufuka• Verily, it flows in profusely Thajja Its light glows for all of the people of the earth

وجعلنا النهار معاشا

Somali - Abduh : Eebe waa kan Idinka Yeelay Habeenka Astur Hurdadana Raaxo kana yeelay Maalinta soo Kulan Dhaqdhaqaaq• Komentar on on on on Anonymous on• English - Sahih International : And made the day for livelihood• " For further explanation, see E.

تفسير ابن كثير/سورة النبأ
and vegetations meaning, vegetables that are eaten fresh
وجعلنا النهار معاشاً
Melayu - Basmeih : Dan Dia lah Tuhan yang menjadikan malam untuk kamu sebagai pakaian dan menjadikan tidur untuk berhenti rehat serta menjadikan siang untuk keluar mencari rezeki• And We have made the day for livelihood
وهو الذي جعل لكم الليل لباسا والنوم سباتا وجعل النهار نشورا
'' This contains an evidence for using the word Thajj to mean abundant, continuous and flowing