Combined with the premise of a story of the past told by an older version of the main character, HIMYM plays with time with incredible skill, and it helps the show stand out RELATED: Despite the fact that How I Met Your Mother has problems, though, there's no denying that there was a lot of sitcom magic here - otherwise it wouldn't have made it to nine seasons and a spin-off in the first place! To keep the magic of the original, How I Met Your Father will definitely need some gags of its own
Drop your thoughts in a comment below How I Met Your Father should keep this in mind, and make sure that the zany style is balanced out by addressing real and important emotional issues, too

How I Met Your Father

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How I Met Your Father
It's still a unique format for a comedy like this, and will help the spin-off stand out
‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff: Barney Is the Father Theory Debunked?
Throughout the original series, background music is actually written for the show, and can be just as funny as the dialogue
How I Met Your Father: 10 Things The New Show Should Keep From The Original
It's nice to see something with a little more balance, and How I Met Your Father will hopefully keep a balance of new and old friendships and evolving social dynamics It would be nice to see this balance in the new series, too, with various characters in different areas of their dating lives
An easy way to spot a major HIMYM fan is to say that out loud and see who salutes! And it was something of a running joke that Barney probably fathered his fair share of children Or do you think HIMYF will find other ways to tie itself to the original series? The gang's stories before their time in New York is shown with flashbacks to their childhoods and college years and of course, Robin's time as a teen popstar in Canada , but the show also flashes forward on a regular basis, showing the gang's future

How I Met Your Father

Robin's songs as Robin Sparkle just top it off, and the spin-off will have to find a way to include music like this.

How I Met Your Father
One connective tissue could involve the titular dad
How I Met Your Father
After all, this is the same man who
How I Met Your Father
Admittedly, they do break up for one summer, but they are essentially together for the entire show, and are a fan-favorite pairing