I reported that and was promised to be fixed instantly This hotel is an absolute oasis in the beige desert
Millennium Hotels are a worldwide luxurious hotels but not in Hail! Check in was easy, staff spoke English well

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The breakfast value is very expensive.

Millennium Hail Hotel 5*
I called the receptionist and they sent me thankfully pair of slipper Tv channels weren't working
Millennium Hail Hotel 5*
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The reception desk do not answer the call quickly and at night time mostly the do not answer at all In the day of the check out i called for the hotel luggage holder and i waited for more than 45 mins and he did not come and i had to go down to the reception to ask again for the luggage holder to serve us
Howeve, It was fixed the other day - - Well thought design , poorly executed The services in the hotel, the room service do not answer the phone every time in the first call, i have to call them more than 3 times and then they answer

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com should have included the breakfast rate in the total amount as an other option.

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I ordered food and they said that it would take 20 mins to bring to the room but it took an hour
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Room and location were great
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Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, as we strive to improve with each and every stay We thank you once again for taking the time to leave your much appreciated feedback
I was not convinced to pay 100 riyals for a normal breakfast and I had to drive almost 70 km to bring a breakfast from somewhere else Maybe because no closeby restaurant, they are using this to raise the rate of the breakfast! It is with the support of guests such as yourself that we are able to continually reach new levels of guest satisfaction , We look forward to your next stay I can't wait to return! BUt all in all, one of the top hotels that I have stayed in Saudi
The hotel was nearly immaculate, and I had zero problems when I stayed there Medo Thank you for staying with us and taking time to write about your experience


On the safety side, the two edges of the king size bed are very sharp snd they are safety hazard.

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مدن في السعودية: الأنشطة في مدينة حائل
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